Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribing to Khair

1. How do I subscribe to Khair?

You can avail Khair services by:

a) Calling directly onto our helpline (111-1KHAIR) for telemedicine services

b) Buying one of our health cards (displayed on our website)

c) Using Khair services as an employee of one of our corporate customers

2. Once I subscribe, how long is the subscription valid for?

One year

3. Under what conditions will my subscription be terminated?

If your payment is not made at the start of each month.

4. When will the cover start and what will be the term of the cover?

The cover will start as soon as you are issued your Khair card and details are sent to you.

Claiming Insurance with Khair

1. What documents are required to claim under Khair?
To claim under Khair, you will need your Khair health card number and CNIC.

Khair Health Cards

1. How can I buy a Khair health card?
You can buy your health card from our website – once you select the one you want and add it to cart, you will be redirected to the checkout page and can pay through simpaisa or debit/credit cards.

2. How do I get my health card?
Once you buy your health card online, your Khair ID will be messaged to you and your benefits will be listed underneath. Please keep a copy of your Khair ID for future use. There are no physical Khair cards.

3. Can I consult a doctor without buying a health card?
Yes, you can consult a doctor virtually without buying a health card by calling on our helpline (111-1KHAIR). Our call center representative will take your contact and payment details after which, you will enter a waiting room and then consult a doctor shortly after that.

4. What documents are required to buy a Khair health card?
To buy a health card online, customers will need their CNIC and phone number.

5. What if I lose my Khair membership number?
If you lose your Khair membership number, please contact us on 111-1KHAIR or and our customer service representative will get in touch with you.

6. “I don’t have a CNIC,” how should I buy a Khair health card?
If you do not have a CNIC, you can buy a health card using a family member’s CNIC. For example, women who do not have CNICs can buy a Khair health card using their husband’s or brother’s CNIC.

7. “Khair is not verifying my CNIC, why is this happening?”
This happens when your CNIC is expired, you enter the wrong date of birth or make a mistake in entering your CNIC number. Please re-try and if you are still having trouble, send us an email at and we will help set up your account with us.

8. Are there any charges to buy a Khair Health Card?
No, buying a Khair health card is free of cost.

Payments to Khair

How do we make payments to Khair?
At the moment, Khair only accepts cashless payments which are done through mobile wallets or credit/debit card.

How to Get in Touch in Case of Questions

Where can I contact in case of questions, inquiries, or complaints?
Please reach out to us on:

Khair Services

1. Can I get in touch with a specialist directly?
No. Our GP’s will determine whether or not you need to have a consultation with a specialist following their consultation with you.

2. What is the average wait time before seeing the doctor?
The average wait time will span between 5 and 10 minutes.

3. Can I choose which doctor I want to speak to?
You can provide a preference to the call center representative and we will try our best to accommodate you.

4. How do I book my follow-up doctor appointment?
When you are done with your doctor consultation, the call center representative will book your follow-up appointments for you. This includes doctor follow-ups, labs and home medicine delivery.

5. Do I get charged for a consultation if I miss my appointment?
If you have a scheduled appointment with a doctor and you miss it, you will be charged and will not receive a refund as payments are made prior to the consultation. The doctor will wait for 5 minutes for you to come to your appointment and will then move on to the next patient.

6. Can I book lab tests directly through Khair without consulting a doctor?
Yes, Khair members have the privilege of ordering lab tests at a discounted rate – a doctor consultation is not necessary to avail this.

7. Can I have medicines delivered without consulting a Khair doctor?
Yes, you can order over-the-counter medication without an e-prescription through Khair’s platform and avail discounts from our pharmacy partners. However, medications that are only given with a doctor’s prescription will require you to be seen by a doctor first.

8. Can I call Khair for emergencies?
In the case of an emergency, patients should rush to the Emergency Department or call for an ambulance directly at: 1150. If you are experiencing severe chest pain, loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties or severe bleeding, please rush to the hospital.


1. What is telehealth?
Telehealth is when a person with a perceived health need consults a healthcare provider using mobile communication technology.

2. How does telemedicine work?
Please refer to our customer journey to understand how you will be connected with a doctor through telemedicine.

3. What are the benefits of telemedicine?
-> Through telemedicine, doctors are able to reach patients who do not have the resources to reach a hospital or clinic.
-> It is also a great way to manage chronic conditions through text message reminders (e.g for patients with tuberculosis, HIV etc. to take their medication).
-> Patients do not have excessive wait times to meet with a doctor and during the covid19 pandemic, you are not exposing yourself to people who could potentially be carrying the virus.
-> It is also a great way to increase medication compliance for chronic diseases (such as TB, HIV etc.) through daily SMS reminders.

4. Which conditions is telemedicine suitable for?
Telemedicine can be used to diagnose a wide range of problems. At the very least, it is useful to diagnose:
a) Anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns
b) Back pain
c) Colds, flu, allergies
d) Diabetes management
e) Ear pain
f) Heartburn
g) Infections including: conjunctivitis (pink eye), sinus infections, UTI, bladder
h) Migraines
i) Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
j) Respiratory infections, including evaluating for symptoms of covid-19

5. Is telemedicine private and secure?
The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system being used by Khair is private, secure and HIPAA compliant. During an e-visit with a Khair doctor, your information will not be shared with any third party and the call will be encrypted.

6. Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?
Yes, telemedicine is a safe, convenient and cost-effective way of providing health services to patients and the quality of care is the same as an in-person visit.

7. What if I need a surgical procedure?
Even if that is the case, telemedicine is a great way to confirm that. By meeting with a doctor via telehealth, the doctor can determine if the procedure is necessary or if there are other non-invasive treatments to treat the same problem.

8. Do I still have to see a doctor in-person if I consult a Khair doctor virtually?
No, there is no need to meet a doctor after meeting a Khair doctor virtually unless they tell you to do so. However, physical exams cannot be conducted online and therefore, it is advised to keep an ongoing relationship with a health care professional that can see you in-person from time to time.

Questions for Doctors and Nurses

1. How can I join Khair?
If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume (with expected start date and salary requirements) to:

2. What do work hours look like for doctors working remotely?
Doctors working remotely will be working from 9 am to 9 pm.

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